Our team of experienced builders insists on exercising meticulous attention to detail and is committed to delivering an unsurpassed level of workmanship. Vujic Property Group is also affiliated with an exclusive team of contractors, selected for their skill, expertise and dedication to their respective crafts. We have the confidence and knowledge to work diligently and methodically towards realising our client’s dream.



Vujic Property Group has access to a comprehensive network of architectural and drafting services.  All stages of project design, from conceptual through to completion are offered. We also have    landscaping and pool design specialists. All of our design services are individually-tailored and take into account lifestyle, site feasibility, aesthetic and due consideration to ESD principles.



We offer a full range of property development services including land and property research, identifyng project opportunities and assessing feasibility. We also suggest the best use of the land and can expertly plan the entire property development project, including cost schedules. Vujic Property Group has extensive experience working alongside architects, local councils and all other relevant parties.  As the project progresses, our team will conduct construction site visits and direct various activities on behalf of our clients.



Vujic Property Group employs due diligence and ensures compliance with the terms, conditions, rights and performance obligations outlined in all relevant contracts. We also co-ordinate the documentation of any agreement changes that may occur over the course of the contract, and perform the closeout process when all parties have met their obligations.



Our industry experience enables us to supervise construction sites, direct site managers and subcontractors to ensure standards of building, performance, quality, costings and safety are maintained. Vujic Property Group’s Project Management service also demands that building regulations, standards and by-laws are enforced. In addition, we consult with architects, engineers and technical parties to make sure that design intentions are met, co-ordinate the supply of labour and materials, study building contract documents and negotiate with building owners and subcontractors. Our aim is to offer our clients assurance that all aspects of their project will be completed in a professional and timely manner.